QIf we purchase online, when and how do we get tickets?

A. After payment, you will be taken to a page to print off a voucher, which you may use to board the bus. (Alcatraz tours will not be confirmed immediately - you will receive an email within 24 hours)

Q. Can I change the date of my tour after I buy it?

A. You may begin all Hop On Hop Off tours whenever you like - there is no need to contact us to change the date. Other tours (except Alcatraz) are changeable with no fee, if you contact us at least 24 hours before the date of departure. Alcatraz tours are not changeable.

Q. Where do we redeem our voucher?

A. You can redeem your voucher at our main office at 2724 Taylor Street, San Francisco

Q. I don’t have a copy of my voucher, can I still do the tour?

A. We do require a copy of the voucher in order to provide tickets. If you do not have access to a printer, you can contact the company you booked with and ask them to email or fax your voucher to us at: Email: [email protected]

Q. Can I present my booking confirmation via my smart phone or tablet?

A. No, we do require a paper copy of your voucher in order to provide tickets/ boarding passes.

Q. If the bus is full will there be another bus?

A. There will not be another bus at the same departure time. Our buses run frequently, and you can check with us on the day you travel for scheduled departure and stop times.

Q. Am I guaranteed a seat if I have a ticket?

A. Our seating is available on a first-come first-serve basis. We do increase our departures during peak season to accommodate increased interest, but unfortunately seating can not be guaranteed for any specific departure or pick up location.

Q. Can you provide an itinerary for the Wine tours?

A. We attempt to provide a variety of stops on our wine tours. Generally we do not have a completely pre-set itinerary and are able to take into consideration individual requests. All wineries are subject to availability.

Q. Where exactly is the stop at Union Square located?

A. The buses stop on the corner of Geary St and Powell St, opposite the main Macys entrance on Geary St.

Q. Do you pick up at the hotel?

A. We are unable to provide a hotel pick up for our Hop-On Hop-Off tours or our Half Day Wine tour. We are however, able to provide pick up for the Full Day Wine, Woods and Wine, Yosemite and the Monterey and Carmel tours if you are staying within the Downtown area of San Francisco.

Q. What time will my Alcatraz departure be?

A. The Alcatraz departure time will be available at 9am the morning of scheduled departure date. Generally the  departure time is between 1pm and 4pm but it can vary.

Q. When and where can I pick up my Alcatraz tickets?

A. It is necessary to arrive at our main office at 2724 Taylor Street, San Francisco . to collect your Alcatraz tickets between 9am and 10am the morning of departure.

Q. Can I pick up my Alcatraz ticket the day before my booking?

A. We do not receive our Alcatraz tickets until the morning of the scheduled departure date, therefore we are unable to provide the tickets prior to that day.

Q. I purchased my ticket online and printed it, do I still need to go to the office?

A. Yes, the printed copy of your booking is a voucher. You can use your voucher to initially board but we will still need to provide a time-stamped boarding pass in order for you to begin your tour.

Q. How does Hop On Hop Off work?

A. Our tours are divided into four 90 minute tours of the city. Each tour has a number of Hop-On Hop-Off stop where, upon arrival, the driver/tour guide will allow you on/off the bus to experience the city. Another bus will follow the same route (10 - 60 minutes later. Please check exact times on the day you travel) that you can Hop-On and make your way to the next area of interest.

Q. What is the price of wine tasting fees?

A. Each winery that does require a tasting fee can vary between $5 and $15 for multiple tastings. We tend to book a minimum of 1 winery that provides com